Macbook Repair

The Mac Genius offers a comprehensive and complete range of MacBook Repair services, from screen repair to hard drive upgrades! All our repairs are performed by our  Certified Apple Technicians using only the best Apple-Certifed Replacement Parts to guarantee your repair lasts forever!

Have a MacBook, but what you need repaired isn’t listed here? Don’t worry – we’ve been in business for more than 5 years and we know every Mac like the back of our hand. Contact us to set your repair up, or just order our MacBook Genius Diagnostic!

Liquid Damage Repair
Data Recovery
Power Repairs
Screen & Display Repairs
Hard Drive & RAM Upgrades
KeyBoard & TrackPad Repairs

All Repairs Are Covered Under Our GeniusProgram!

  • Guaranteed 200-Day Warranty.
  • Free 2-Way Shipping.
  • Real-Time Status Updates & Repair Notes.
  • 100% Free Diagnostics. If we can't fix it, we won't charge!
  • Speedy Same-Day Turnaround.

200 Days of Parts & Labor!

With a full 200 days parts and labor warranty from us for your Mac, you can rest assured we're taking care of you and our repair is done correctly! With certified technicians performing all our repairs, we ensure your repair meets the highest industry standard!

Real-Time Repair Updates!

Using our premium Repair Tracking system, you'll be able to watch your Mac as it goes through our repair facility, watching which phase of repair it's in, technician notes, parts used, and repair completion estimates!

Always Fast, Always Free!

Our diagnostics are always 100% free, no matter what! If we can't fix it, you never pay for the diagnostic. We're here for you, because we know we'll always offer the best solution no matter who else you ask!

Why Choose The Mac Genius?

Awesome Customer Support

From excellent communication standards to real-time repair tracking, we're here to make your repair experience as enjoyable as possible!

 Certified Mac Technicians

All of our technicians are Apple Certified to perform your repair at only the highest standards!

Creative Solutions

Unusual problem? We think out of the box every day to ensure no problem brought to us goes unsolved!

Industry Experienced

With 5+ years in the Mac industry, we're here to stay. With our loyal and satisfied customer base, we're proud to say we're the premium Mac service and support company!


Apple store repairs can be quite costly if you're not under AppleCare warranty. If you still are covered under an AppleCare warranty, we recommend you go straight through Apple.

However, if you're not covered under AppleCare, that's where we come in. Our repair costs are typically more than 50% lower than Apple repair costs, so we're the perfect alternative to repair your Mac affordably, the right way!

99% of our repairs last between 2-5 business days. Excepting any unusual issues, we'll have your Mac back to you in that much time or less!

We haven't been in business for over 5 years for nothing. Our creative and skilled technicians will stop at nothing to make sure your Mac is repaired correctly!

We successfully repair nearly every Mac sent to us, and liquid damage is no exception. Our cleaning and repair process is state of the art, and we take pride in our success rate!

No, it will not. Once we know the exact details of your project, your quote will be locked in. The only reason it might go up is if, during the repair process, we see that some other parts are damaged, such as the keyboard, DVD drive, Wifi unit, etc. We will contact you for approval to replace these parts before any further action is made.

Using our state of the art repair tracking system on our website, you'll be able to monitor your computer as it goes through the repair process, seeing technicians notes, parts replaced, repair time, and more!

Yes, we do. Contact us to setup a plan that fits your budget.

Absolutely. Provided the repair is not data recovery and your hard drive is not damaged, it won't be affected at any time. Of course, we'll test the computer by booting it up to ensure the operating system and files are working as designed, but that will be the extent of which your hard drive will be utilized!