How It Works

Want to know what happens after you drop your Mac in the mail to us? Here’s a timeline of what takes place while your Mac is on vacation, and the steps we take to ensure it makes it back to you in perfect condition!

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and technical expertise. This timeline shows how we focus on both without compromising either, resulting in a superior finished product, your repaired Mac!

Mail Your Mac To Us (UPS or USPS)
Day 1

The beginning of the road

Your Mac is being shipped to us. Packaged safely (hopefully), it will arrive in good condition, ready for us to start repairs on it!

Day 2 or 3

Diagnostics & Inspection

Once we receive your Mac, we'll unpack it, notify you of its receipt, and begin diagnosing it based on the issues you've communicated to us thus far.

Once we've determined the location and expanse of the issue, whether hardware or software, and ensured it accurately matches the quote we've given you, we'll immediately start repairs on it!

Day 3 or 4

The Repair Process

Once diagnostics have been completed and passed, our Certified Apple Technicians will begin repairs. As long as all parts are in stock, the repair will only last 1 -2 in most cases.

Once the repair is finished, your Mac will undergo extensive testing at the hands of our experienced techs. We'll make sure we've fixed your Mac the right way, and our testing will ensure this.

Day 4 or 5

Happily Ever After...

Following the completion of successful repairs & testing, we'll rush ship your Mac back to you the same business day. You'll usually receive it within 1-2 days, and your Mac will be back to you: safe, sound and repaired!