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Tech Support

Trouble with that one application? Problems with any part of your mac or any software that runs on it? We’re only one click, call or visit away! With our innovative remote support system, we’re here for you every day, whether over the phone, by support ticket or email or through remote support!

No matter what Mac question you have, we’ll always be happy to take a moment and chat and schedule a solution appointment to help you out, if needed!

Remote Support

Too far away for a house or business visit? Not to worry, we're still here for you! Using a remote viewing application, we'll be able to securely view your screen with you and walk you through and answer your questions without you leaving the comfort of your desk!

Follow the steps below to get started today! We look forward to providing you with professional answers to your Mac questions!

Email | Ticket | Phone

Just have a small question, comment or issue? We'd be happy to help you by support ticket, phone or email! Our certified technicians are here 24 / 7 to assist you with your questions and give you our legendary Genius Support by providing professional answers and solutions to any Mac question you may have!

Follow the steps below to get started today! We look forward to providing you with professional solutions to your Mac questions!

12-Hour Guarantee

  • 25 MINUTE Average Remote Response
  • 5 MINUTE Average Email Response
  • 5 MINUTE Average Ticket Response
  • 1 MINUTE Average Phone Response
  • 100% Support Satisfaction
We promise you'll hear back from us with a solution within 12 hours of first contact! We value your time and we know that you need your Mac operating perfectly as soon as possible - that's why we're here!

Our certified technicians are the best in the industry and they're always ready to think out of the box to make sure we leave your Mac better than we found it!

Support Steps

Contact us using our support request form below. We'll get you started and give you a hand with your questions!

Describe your question or Mac problem to us as best possible, and give us your contact info.

We'll receive your request instantly and you'll hear back from us faster than you even thought possible!

Don't forget to include your serial number - it helps us formulate a solution compatible with your Mac!

We'll contact you to set up a support appointment and get your information!

If your support method is via phone, email or ticket, we'll usually respond right away and probably get your question answered within a day!

If your support method is via remote support, we'll contact you right away to schedule an appointment that works for your schedule and ensure you have our support application downloaded.

We'll work as fast as we can to resolve your Mac questions! Whether they're about support or repair topics, we're on top of it and we'll solve them for you as fast as 'genuisly' possible!